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About The Kaizen Company:

The Kaizen Company is an incubator for innovative, scalable solutions that address emerging market challenges and opportunities. Our proven solutions catalyze locally driven organizational and institutional performance improvements and establish communities of practice that facilitate peer-to-peer learning and the achievement of shared goals.

We leverage existing knowledge, technology, and new media, and local peer networks to support local reforms. Since our inception, we have provided support to more than 100 government, private-sector, and non-profit organizations in markets worldwide. We have created solutions that achieve outcomes across a broad range of sectors including education, governance, economic growth, environment and water, energy, and global law enforcement.

Project Description:

The USAID Training for Pakistan project provides turn-key participant training and capacity development services that are uniquely specialized for USAID/Pakistan Mission teams and public and private implementing partners.  The primary purpose of this program is to provide participant training and capacity development services to USAID/Pakistan’s contractors, grantees, and partners under Government to Government assistance programs, and at times to the Mission directly. This Mission-wide program will support all USAID sector teams interested in exchanges or training of host-country Pakistani nationals.

Position Summary:

The Kaizen Company is seeking a Finance Manager (FM)  for the Training for Pakistan III (TFP-III) project. The TFP-III Project will provide participant training for capacity development to USAID/Pakistan's implementing partners, grantees, government partners, and mission staff. The FM is responsible for establishing and maintaining financial management and accounting control systems for the entire project. 


  • Manage financial controls for training expenditures by technical teams
  • Provide and/or arrange for financial analysis services related to institutional diagnoses, training planning and evaluation. 
  • Prepare pipeline analysis of the activity to USAID/Pakistan.
  • Coordinate with USAID Pakistan's Office of Financial Management, as appropriate, regarding the management of US dollars and local currencies. 
  • Lead and direct Kaizen's cost containment efforts and other cost effectiveness programs. 
  • Establish and maintain grant management procedures.
  • Manage internal control processes, procurement, audits, and other administrative functions. 


  • At least seven years of experience in managing/supervising a complex financial management or general ledger system. 
  • A Master's degree in accounting or financial management or a related technical field is highly desirable. 
  • Prior experience working with USAID, particularly in a finance or procurement role, is preferred

Please send your CV and a cover letter to [email protected]

Deadline to apply is April 15, 2019.