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Background & Purpose of Assignment

USAID funded Punjab Youth Workforce Development (PYWD) project is investing in the underprivileged youth, by providing them with skills, entrepreneurship and linking skilled youth with employers to meet the needs of the industry as well economic benefits of youth and their families.  This three-year project is being implemented by Louis Berger Group in collaboration with relevant public sector organizations and local partners.   The project is helping to enhance the socially constructive attitudes among the youth and enable employment opportunities for 10,000 youth, including 35 percent women in four Southern Punjab Districts: Bahawalpur, Lodhran, Multan, and Muzaffargarh.

One of the major findings of PYWD Project’s Skills Gaps Analysis was the need to develop short-courses for Agriculture sector trades.   The purpose of this assignment is to develop short-courses for selected trades in Agriculture sector and meet the demands of Agriculture sector employers or industries.


Description of Assignment

The consultant will closely work with project team to identity the target group for the short-courses and meet with relevant industries in Agriculture sector to identify the training needs of workforce to fill existing skill gap. The consultant will also study agriculture sector related courses offered in Pakistan, particularly in Punjab, and will work with relevant departments to select specific trades in Agriculture sector and make recommendation for the development new courses.  

The newly developed curriculum is expected to standardize in term of time/duration for training, contents and levels, approach to instruction, and assessment procedures.  

Specifically, the lead Consultant shall:

  • Select trades for development of short-course, and develop curricula based on skills, knowledge & competencies required in each trade.
  • Conduct extensive review and study of existing courses related to Agriculture Sector trades.
  • Work closely with the project team and in consultation relevant TVET department, curriculum department and private sectors Agriculture employers to develop the structure of the curriculum for each short-course and share the draft curriculum with team and stakeholder for technical inputs and incorporate feedback into curriculum draft.
  • Ensure that the curriculum is designed keeping in view the prior knowledge or education level of target youth as well as the relevancy to the market needs.
  • Lead curriculum debriefing to stakeholders and incorporate all inputs and comments from the stakeholders, project team and donor.
  • Present finalized drafts for reviews and finalization of curriculum, guides and other relevant documents and related approvals.
  • Develop a comprehensive narrative report on the curriculum review with concrete suggestions on implementation of the revised curriculum. Incorporate comments from the task force and stakeholders.



Bridge the skills gaps in Agriculture Sector of Punjab i.e. developing new curriculum for short courses to meet the specific demand of Agriculture sector employers and business in Punjab.



The deliverables / outputs of this assignment are:

  • An inception report with description of trades selected, and proposed Short-courses and curricula outlines
  • Final approved copy of curriculum for each selected short-course
  • A narrative report detailing the process, experiences and challenges encountered while carrying out the assignment and way forward.



  • Advanced university degree in relevant area of Education, TVET, Curriculum Development or related field Agriculture
  • At least five (5) years of experience in development, assessment and evaluation of curriculum
  • Experience in the use of labour market information in developing Vocational education training programs
  • Knowledge of TVET sector and TVET qualification framework