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Position: Deafness Expert

1.1  Summary

The Sindh Education through Non-State Actors (SENSA) programme is a DFID funded programme that is in its current phase funding two national non-governmental organisations (NGOs) – BRAC, and the Family Educational Services Foundation (FESF) – to provide a full cycle of quality primary education to the poorest children in Sindh. The programme continues until end of September 2020.

DFID has contracted Oxford Policy Management (OPM) to provide monthly monitoring of students, quality assurance and technical advisory services.

1.2  Scope of the work

  • Provide guidance to the SENSA team to create an understanding of deafness in both affected children and teachers, help set academic/ learning goals and expectations based on the situation of the NGO school students and teachers. The focus areas may include performance difficulties, emotional needs and challenges, theoretical approaches and practical strategies to reach deaf learners effectively), any other
  • Support OPM ES in planning and designing teacher capacity development measures based on the above by advising, identifying relevant resource material, reviewing teaching content
  • Design teacher competency framework in discussion with the NGO and OPM team
  • Co-conduct some capacity development measures with OPM team
  • Support OPM ES in recommending modifications to the teaching-learning material including lesson plans
  • Liaise with the NGO to reach a common understanding on interventions planned

1.3  Timing

The Deafness Expert will be required for a period of 20-25 days spread across the period 15 June 2019 – 28 February 2020

1.4 Reporting

The Deafness Expert will be reporting to the Team Leader SENSA

1.5 Location

The work will primarily be undertaken in Karachi

1.6 Qualifications and Experience

  • Communication skills- Deafness Expert should be able to effectively communicate with people they have to work with.
  • Compassion- Deafness Expert will work with people who are having problems with hearing or balance. D.E should be compassionate of them and their families.
  • Deafness Expert will work with people who may need a lot of time and special attention hence should display patience and politeness.
  • Should be a team player
  • Deafness specialist should hold a master’s degree in Disability studies, Deaf studies, Deaf education, Inclusive education or any other relevant area and have at least 8 years of relevant experience