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Tetra Tech ES, Inc., a subsidiary of Tetra Tech dedicated to international development, is recruiting for Net Metering Consultant for a USAID-funded Sustainable Energy for Pakistan project in Islamabad, Pakistan.


The Consultant will be responsible for compiling a case-study on the technical impacts of net metering on the Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) grid.


  • Compile an analytical assessment of the technical and operational impacts of net metering on the LESCO grid. The assessment will build on identification of technical or operational issues LESCO has experienced as a result of the net metering program and systems or procedures adopted by the company to prevent and mitigate these impacts.
  • Review LESCO’s net metering equipment standards and specifications, operations, capacity and capability of the network to handle generated loads, power quality and implementation practices.
  • The assessment will specifically address the following questions:
  1. Are there technical and operational issues LESCO has to contend with as a result of net metering interconnection and/or increased levels of DG on the distribution company’s network? What are the most common technical or operational issues that arise from installing net metering systems on the LESCO network?
  2. How is LESCO preventing or mitigating adverse technical impacts caused by the net metering program?
  3. Were technical or operational issues anticipated at the start of the net metering program or is the program management system evolving through experience? Has the distribution company developed any new standards or procedures to prevent and mitigate technical issues caused by net metering and DG?
  4. What benefits, if any, has net metering or DG delivered to grid operation and service delivery at LESCO (e.g. load shaving, reduction in T&D losses and increase in system capacity etc.)
  • In addition, the Consultant will be required to compile information on the growth in LESCO’s net metering program (segregated by sector and system size) and present operational data in support of the technical impacts identified in the report.
  • The Consultant will also source and provide other information that may be required to improve the utility and effectiveness of the case study. 



Advanced degree in Engineering (preferably Electrical Engineering) or related field from a reputable university.


·         The Consultant must be well-qualified and experienced in conducting research and compiling analytical reports with at least ten (10) years of relevant experience in the energy sector. A reference list of analytical reports compiled by the Consultant with the names of the clients, a brief description of the report and duration of assignment must be included with the application.

·         The Consultant will be required to interact extensively with the net metering, marketing and operations teams at LESCO and should therefore be based in Lahore for the duration of the assignment or willing to travel to Lahore frequently.


  • Excellent writing skills and proficiency in English. Working knowledge of spoken Urdu. Able to communicate fluently and effectively both verbally and in writing.