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Project Name

CNFA-PATTA/ Project AID-391-C-17- 00004

Consultancy Assignment

Training/ Pruning, Nutrition management and use of IPM technology in vineyards- KP

Consultant Title

Vineyard management consultant

Reports to

Chief of Party and Crop Technology Specialist

Place of Performance

Islamabad, Mardan and travel to Grapes vineyards in PATTA project designated areas of KP


09 days,  

  • 03 day Training of farmers,
  • 02 days Practical demo in Mardan
  • 02 days Preparation of training materials and
  • 02 days Report preparation

Estimated Overall Contract Period of Performance

10 to 30 June 2019 for overall assignment, including travel and report production

CNFA Description: CNFA is an enterprise development organization based in Washington, D.C., dedicated to stimulating sustainable growth in the agricultural sector. CNFA specializes in fostering private sector investments in training, new technologies and marketing to increase the overall competitiveness of agricultural value chains, expand exports, and develop skills in the rural workforce. By generating higher incomes for farmers, processors, entrepreneurs, and distributors, CNFA helps improve livelihoods and reduce poverty.

PATTA Background: Outdated and ineffective agricultural technologies are among the leading causes for Pakistan’s agricultural productivity falling short of its potential. Scaling up the production, distribution, and adoption of agricultural technologies in Pakistan is made challenging by lack of information, difficulty in accessing credit, a wide dispersion of smallholders, and diverse of challenges facing marginalized subsets of smallholder farmers – such as women. 

PATTA Description: PATTA will bring to scale private sector solutions to improve agricultural productivity in Pakistan through a four-year activity. PATTA will partner with agricultural technology companies to commercialize products and services with the potential to increase the productivity and competitiveness of smallholder farmers while mobilizing private sector investment in agricultural technology. PATTA’s partnership will provide smallholder farmers with boarder access to affordable technologies to increase productivity build resilience to climate change and reduce postharvest losses. In so doing, PATTA expects to achieve the following results:

  • Increase smallholder farmer access to affordable, appropriate and effective agricultural technologies;
  • Enable agricultural technology-related businesses to expand and adapt their products and services to meet smallholders needs;
  • Scale up the adoption and use of agricultural technologies.

STTA Background: The horticulture sector contributes to about 12% of Pakistan’s GDP and provides employment and incomes to several actors along related value chains. The horticulture sector of Pakistan has huge potential of grapes for commercial production to contribute to GDP of the country. Agriculture (Extension) Department Mardan has established 43 Vineyard under district government scheme "Commercial cultivation of grapes in District Mardan". As the grape plantation is new intervention with farmers.  FSC, Mardan, KP through Agriculture Extension Department has requested PATTA to organize training regarding the grapes crop production technology inclusive of proper vines care, summer pruning, fertilizer application, bunch harvesting, packaging and integrated orchard management etc. Capacity building activity will broaden the vision and knowledge of the farmers about cuttings, pruning, trainings and different propagation methods. PATTA organized training of farmers in Jan 2019 on grapes canopy management especially training of plants and will continue this training program on other management practices like pruning, nutrition and disease management.

STTA Objective and Scope: As part of PATTA’s integrated strategy, awareness of best practices in production technologies of different crops, PATTA is seeking a Horticulture Specialist to deliver training, demonstration and develop comprehensive guidelines on training and pruning of grapes, nutrition and insect/pest and disease management. The assignment focuses on canopy management of grapes with respect to summer pruning, nutrition and insects/disease management for farmers associated with Farm Service Center and stakeholders involved in growing of grapes.

The consultant’s tasks will include, but not be limited to:

  • Follow up of previous training and pruning of the vineyards during Jan 2019, observe the trained plants in randomly selected orchards in Mardan, identify the gaps and provide solutions to redress these gaps
  • Conduct hands-on training for production of high quality grapes through best practices with focus on grapevine pruning and management practices
  • Develop a three days comprehensive Pruning Program for farmers of Farm Service Center (FSCs) and agriculture extension staff through theory and practical sessions
  • Guide and demonstrate the farmers and stakeholders on best time for pruning and equipment required for pruning of grapevine
  • Providing concept of vine balance, removal of diseased, dead and damaged branches and pruning for branching and better vascular flow.
  • Identify and guide for various systems of vineyard development like trellis system, pergola system, Cardon system, and Cardon & Head systems of training.
  • Emphasis on training of grape vines for better crop production and quality enhancement.
  • Awareness for the impact of climate change on the crop production and management practices.
  • Awareness for use of drip irrigation systems or HEIS systems.
  • Identify major insect/pests and diseases and design measures for the control of these insects/diseases.
  • Identify major disorders of grape berry production like berry splitting, berry shattering, bunch compactness and appropriate solutions to overcome the problems through nutrition management and best practices.
  • Develop illustrative training materials & tools to guide the staff of Agriculture Extension Mardan and FSC in formulating IPM approaches including but not limited to biological controls for pest and disease management for their clients.
  • Develop a comprehensive guideline on nutrition for healthy grapes plants and recommendations to improve grapes cultivation technology
  • Develop calendar for crop management with best practices for use of farmers and extension staff and future follow up for monitoring purpose.

STTA Deliverables:

  1. Detailed work plan and a brief suggested methodology during the period of assignment to PATTA technical team and COP.
  2. Develop a curriculum, including related documents, Power Point presentation, and training guide, for conducting capacity building session.
  3. Guidelines for use of HEIS systems and climate smart vineyards practices for better crop production.
  4. Post pruning practices for healthy vineyards establishment, retaining the limbs/branches for next year crop production.
  5. Develop information material brochures in accordance with international best practices
  6. Detailed comprehensive report/guidelines of grapes orchard management.
  7. Any other tasks assigned by the COP

Desired Qualifications:

  • Master degree in the field of Agriculture, Horticulture or a related field, with more than 10 years of professional experience in conducting training programs or studies related to production technologies of fruit, especially grapes.
  • Experience working with USAID-funded projects, with a focus on the agriculture sector.
  • Excellent computer skills (word processing, Excel and PowerPoint).
  • Excellent report writing skills
  • Experience working in complex environments, with strong interpersonal skills and good ability to communicate in local language both verbally and through writing.