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Primarily  to engage with students and recent graduates in undergraduate, masters, or PhD programs to:

* Recruitment & selection for different IT-based projects.
* Conduct initial screening of all candidates.
* Coordinate with the candidates for technical test/ interviews/offers.
* Leveraging unique ways to connect with candidates through all sort of social media.
* Reach target audiences and advise them for their career counselling.
* Generating a loop of candidates for future hires from the students, soon to be graduates and recent graduates.
* Identify brilliant students who’re doing interesting work and connect with those students.
* Create new career counselling & learning programs for job seekers.
* Write blogs about opportunities for students, recent graduates and job seekers locally and internationally.
* Create and participate in different events targeting students, recent graduates and industry about leaning and job opportunities.
* Build relationships with teachers, career development cells and officers.
* Work in the different model's job search for fresh graduates.

Note: Fresh graduate/candidates with internship experience are encouraged to apply.