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Gender Sensitization Training for CSG and CSSP Staff            

    (AC. 2.1.2 and 2.1.4 –GBV-Project)

1.    Background of the Organization:

The Civil Society Support Programme (CSSP) is a non-profit civil society organization which emerged as a response to the challenges faced by the civil society of Pakistan, with regards to  fight against poverty, social injustice, and governance issues.  CSSP is aimed at socio-political transformation of citizens and institutions through organizing, educating, engaging and evolving communities and public institutions for a prosperous and healthy society.This will be achieved by diversifying the efforts of different stakeholders including youth, civil society organizations, media persons, academia, researchers, lawyers, trade unions, and elected representatives for policy reforms and implementation.  CSSP was established in 2007 received registration under Societies Act 1860 and is currently operating in 07 districts of Sindh.

2.    Project Introduction:

The project titled “Support District Government initiatives in Mirpurkhas to empower women through promotion of entrepreneurial and business creation opportunities” is being implemented in 25 villages (5 Union Councils) of district Mirpurkhas. The goal of the project is “to improve collaboration between civil society organizations and district Government Departments (police, social welfare and women development) to empower rural women through promotion of entrepreneurial opportunities for business creations by increasing demand for local produced goods in the market.’’ Under this project, CSSP has initiated the process of identification and capacity building of local resource persons (LRPs) (males and females) for promotion of entrepreneurship skills and business creation opportunities. Two 5-day residential trainings for Economic Change Maker (ECM) Program on “Promotion of entrepreneurship skills and business creation opportunities” will be organized. After the program, the 25 LRPs will graduate to become ‘Economic Change makers (ECM).’ The program will train the change makers to identify the correlation between poverty and violence, manage finances, develop a concept around Gender Action Leaning System (GALS) and learn how to establish and manage skills Rozgar Shifa Khana (Skills development centre).

The Change makers will be facilitated by CSSP to establish 05 Rozgar Shifa Khana (Skill Development Centres) in targeted union councils, each centre will be equipped with sewing machines and other required learning material. The ECM will identify a technical trainer to be partnered with, for each centre. The technical trainer will impart a 7-day training on technical skills, each centre will directly benefit 20 artisans through 4 months continued training. CSSP will quarterly review progress and plans with field staff. The youth would be engaged and facilitated in organizing summer camps which includes learning and interactive sessions on leadership development and gender sensitization. One day conference on “Promotion of economic development opportunities” will be organized through mobilized youth leaders. Community leaders will be consulted and engaged in awareness sessions on decent work place environment in accordance with Pakistan’s pro women laws for socio-economic empowerment. Citizen Support Group (CSG) will be further activated through quarterly meetings to provide a common platform to social activists, lawyers, media persons, academia, community influential and political activists to review local situation and interact with district management to adopt effective mechanism to implement pro-women laws for socio economic empowerment of women.

3.    Overall objectives/ Outcomes of the project:

  1. Dominant social norms protect girls and women from Gender Based Violence through provision of  secure environment at home and in public and provide them entrepreneurial opportunities to contribute in income generation activities
  2. Knowledge of State actors on Laws, policies and budgets to address Gender Based Violence, and how the laws could be improved and implemented
  3. Gender Based Violence survivors can safely access adequate and appropriate legal and psychological support services.

4.    Scope and Objectives of the Assignment

4.1   Scope of the work  :

The consultant is required to assist CSSP in organizing 02 trainings on gender sensitization and provide resource person(s) for;

  • 3-day Gender Sensitization Training of Citizen Support Group(CSG)
  •  4-day training of 10 CSSP project staff and core team members.

CSSP will engage an experienced firm as consultant for conducting the two trainings and to fulfil following sub tasks of each training:

a)            Design  training Contents and training schedule for both trainings

b)            Design training material (hand-out materials, training manual) as per designed contents for both trainings.

c)            Provide resource persons for both trainings

d)            Develop pre & post-test and final evaluation of trainings

e)            Submit activity report of the training after completion of both trainings

4.2       Objective of the Assignment:   

To enhance capacity of Community Support Group members and CSSP staff regarding knowledge and conceptual understanding of gender based violence issues and about practical and strategic needs of the vulnerable groups at the local, institutional and policy level .

4.3  Total working days required for engagement during Consultancy

S No




3-day Gender Sensitization Training of Citizen Support Group- (CSG) ( two trainers per day for 3 days total 6 days )



4-day training of 10 CSSP project staff and core team members.( two trainers per day for 4 days )





4.4: Logistics and Accommodation:

CSSP will provide the accommodation and logistics support for resource persons as per approved budget.

5.    Expected outcomes

  1. The CSG members and CSSP staff to have improved capacity with regards to gender conceptual understanding and able to grasp practical and strategic needs of women and other vulnerable groups with gender lens.
  2. The trainees to have adopted gender analysis tools impractical life and provided legal and moral support to at least 25 GBV survivors.
  3. To be able to refer at least 10-15 GBV survivors to other institutions available at local/ district level for the required support.

6.    Minimum Criteria for selection of the consulting firm:

  1. In-depth understanding of Gender Based Violence issues and overall socio-political and cultural context of the district/ province.
  2. 5-8 years of proven experience of designing and conducting trainings on gender sensitization.
  3. Strong experienced and dedicated team members to deliver the assignment.

7.    Expression of Interest 

Interested organizations/ firms are requested to submit Expression of Interest (EOI) attached with documents listed below not later than June 25th, 2019.

    1.        Concept note

    2.        Proposed budget for the assignment

    3.        Profile of the organization/ firm

    4.        Tentative activity plan/ work plan

    5.        CVs of the Trainers/ team to be engaged in the assignment

    6.        Report of any training conducted of same nature