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1.     Organisation:         Solidar Switzerland – Pakistan

2.     Position:                Project Manager

3.     Duty Station:          Lahore

4.     Role within the Organisational Structure

4.1        Directly reports to:       Country Representative (Islamabad)

4.2        Directly supervises:      MEAL Officer, operational and mobilization staff members

4.3        Close functional link:   Country and Field logistics and finance support staff and        Programm Coordinator

5.    Purpose of the Position

The Project Manager will be responsible for the overall management, implementation, and coordination of a project implemented in Lahore on countering child labour. S/He will be responsible to liaise with relevant governmental departments and institutions and to increase conceptual understanding, awareness and technical capacity of Literacy and Non-Formal Basic education department. Provincial Education departments and Labour and Human Resource department. S/He will review reports received from the partners and provide inputs for countering child-labour, applicable models, guidelines and necessary donor reports.  S/He will be responsible for representation and relationship-building between implementing organisation and other international and national NGOs, donor partners, and government stakeholders at national and provincial coordination and advocacy platforms. S/He will be responsible for the development and delivery of advocacy activities with partners and government stakeholders, both high-level (policy/legislation) and project-level. S/He will facilitate in the development of all written materials produced under the project including, training manuals, education materials, curriculum, and policies/governance documents.

6.    Specific Responsibilities


  • To strengthen existing capacities to counter child labour, PM shall manage the process of building capacity of key government departments (Labour and Human Resource department ,  Literacy and Non-Formal Basic Education  department) and civil society stakeholders (parents, children, religious leaders, civil society organisations) in Lahore.
  • Coordination with state and non-state actors, providing services to counter child labour in order to achieve decrease in child labour prevalence.
  • Engaging child labour and peers in to non-formal education and creating strong referral mechanism for protection of child labour.
  • Formal and in formal Capacity building of governmental counterparts, parents ‘committees, child rights representatives and peers on child friendly support mechanisms.
  • Raising awareness of state and non-state actors on relevant laws and legislation on countering child labour in Pakistan.
  • Leading to organize quarterly meetings to enhance existing and new governmental initiatives in countering child labour.
  • Evidence based Policy advocacy for protecting and promoting the rights of child labourers in Pakistan
  • Facilitation in development and piloting the institutionalized model on countering child labour for possible up scaling and replication in future.
  • Lead preparation, review, and periodic revision of the project implementation plans
  • Keep close coordination with the relevant staff of the implementing partner for harnessing support for the Project.
  • Make sure that the project activities are implemented effectively with high impact according to agreement with donor and technical quality standards.
  • Provide strategic and day to day support to the field teams for implementation of the project activities in the targeted area.
  • Monitor progress through field visits, review of indicators, and meetings with staff, communities, partners, and other stakeholders.


  • Responsible  for the overall management, implementation and monitoring of the project .
  • Responsible  for the financial monitoring and control of the project budget.
  • Support field staff involved in the project by providing assistance and guidance where necessary and appropriate.

Reporting, lessons learnt and knowledge sharing

  • Collect, analyse and compile data of control and intervention groups and device/adjust strategy according to finding.
  • Identify valuable experiences, promote and share good practices and lessons learned
  • Have overall responsibility for supervising the monitoring, evaluation, and reporting of the project
  • Ensure accurate and timely reporting of the project to the donor
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly, annual and project reports


  • Responsible for liaison with focal points in governmental authorities at provincial level.
  • Maintain close linkages with the partner for development of common tools and advocacy strategy.
  • Coordinate regularly with relevant stakeholders for resource and knowledge sharing.
  • Coordinate closely with other projects funded by the same donor on the same thematic areas being implemented in the project area.

In addition to the laid out terms, the Project Manager is responsible to fulfil any additional duties put forward by his/her direct supervisor or senior management team.