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Terms of Reference (TORs) for hiring consultant for “Tehsil Information Center” development.

Request for proposals for consultants for developing Tehsil Information Centers (TICs) one in each district Swat and Shangla Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan.

 1.    Project information:

    I.        Project Name:  Enabled environment for right-based, inclusive development and improved governance in Swat and Shangla Districts in Pakistan.

  II.      Purpose of project: To contribute to an improved governance and development process and social cohesion in Pakistan.   

 III.        Specific Objectives:

a.     Enhanced contribution of Pakistani CSOs in Districts Shangla and Swat with regards to local governance, accountability, social development processes at sub national and local level;

b.    Improved performance of Pakistani local governments in districts Shangla and Swat as actor of local governance and development.

IV.        Location: 

  1. District Swat: Tehsil Khwaza Khela Ward Fatehpur, Kotanai, Miandam, Shin
  2. District Shangla: Tehsil Alpuri Ward Dherai, Kuzkana, Lilownai and Pir Abad 

2.    Background and Purpose of assignment:

LASOONA in collaboration with Deutsche Welthungerhilfe (DWHH) and European Union has been implementing four (4) years development-oriented project in selected areas of Swat and Shangla districts of KP province. The main focus of the project is to improve governance and local development processes. The project aims to contribute towards a progressive, democratic, inclusive and empowered society, whereby all development actors including communities, civil society, local government representatives and local authorities carry forward the local development agenda in a synergized and coordinated manner. Both Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Local Authorities (LAs) are recognized in the action as key players in its two pillars being ‘Agents of Change’ through building their effective linkages and enabling regular dialogue within a jointly recognized and owned space while supporting the emergence of an inclusive civil society platform and mobilization of LAs and elected bodies. Sustainable development goals are more likely to be achieved if citizens and communities are engaged by LAs through inclusive decision-making processes. On the basis of the changed political circumstances in KP, it is considered that effective community mobilization can be achieved more effectively by institutionalizing interactions between communities and Local Government (LG) systems, structures and processes at the lowest tiers of the governance. Community development initiatives will be integrated with the local government system at village council, ward and tehsil level.

LASOONA will facilitate the establishment of two (2) Tehsil Information Centers (TICs), one in each targeted tehsils of district Swat and Shangla, on the principle that the information belongs to the citizens. TICs will serve as a hub of information enabling the citizens to know what exactly the local authorities and elected representatives are doing by providing information to the stakeholders including right holders regarding annual development plans of the government, budget details, information related with developmental schemes, monitoring and evaluation of services and funds utilization status. Tehsil Information Centers will be fully established in TMA/Tehsil Nazim offices in each target district for which MOU will be signed with Tehsil Local Government. The Tehsil Municipal administration will provide one room space for establishing TICs. The center will be fully furnished and desktop computers will be provided. For operational efficiency, performance visibility and enhanced transparency a TIC will be developed in the shape of web portal. Web portal will provide access to information related to annual development plans, funding allocation status and information related with developmental schemes. The web portal will also be used by citizens to access different citizen portals already established by government for lodging complaints regarding services delivery and receive compensation. A systematic user-friendly grievance redress mechanism will be devised where the right holders will also be able to register complaints with Right to Public Services Commission. For effective monitoring of public services performance, reports of various government departments and elected representatives will be generated and shared on the web portal/MIS. The TIC MIS will also contribute to the e-enablement of local government and local authorities as self- service portal will be developed for elected representatives, where they may track task and work progress, do performance reviews and monitor the on- going projects. Tehsil Nazim office staff will be oriented and trained on management of the web portal. One training event will be organized for TMA staff (10 persons in total) in both districts. Visual brochures/leaflets on the importance and function of TIC will be produced and disseminated among citizens. Youth Councilors will be engaged in dissemination of this information in their respective village councils.

3. Scope of assignment

LASOONA is seeking services of a consultant/ consultancy firm for an institutional contract for the development of Tehsil Information Center web portal, Management Information System (TIC MIS) and training of Tehsil Nazim Office staff on management of MIS and web-portal.   Following will be the major tasks for consultant:

1-    Management Information System (MIS): this will include Planning & Financial Control Module, Monitoring Module, Complaints & Suggestions Module, Reports, Dashboard Module & MIS Administration Module.

a)    Planning & Financial Control Module; will allow formulation of tehsil and district annual development plans, budgeting, schemes funds allocations & funds re-appropriation, funds disbursement etc.

b)    Monitoring module; will provide means for defining schemes progress indicators, phase deliverables, schemes progress measuring & schemes funds utilizations/expenditures management

c)    Complaints & Suggestions Module; will provide mechanism for complaints & suggestions   processing, listing of all complaints & suggestions submitted through public portal, complaint/suggestion processing stages, resolutions & feedback to complainant

d)    Reports Dashboard Module; will provide reporting dashboard allowing to generate customized dynamic reports on financial allocations, disbursement, expenditures, schemes progress, complaints & suggestions received/processed/pending etc.   & allowing printing, sharing of the reports on the public portal

e)    MIS Administration Module; will allow users management, users activities log, system back-ups & system disaster recovery etc.  features

2-    Public Portal: The public portal will provide (View Only) information from the MIS Module (described above) for the purpose of citizen awareness & engagement. The portal will provide information on local representatives, schemes, scheme progress & expenditure reports, government initiatives, complaints & suggestions submission functions, public discussion forum allowing community to engage & discuss issues of public interest.  Important links e.g. citizen portal can be accessed through this portal.

3-    Tehsil Nazim office staff will be oriented and trained on management of the website. One training event will be organized for both TMA staff (10 persons in total) in two districts. 

The TIC MIS will be available online to authorized (username/password control access) staff of the Tehsil/District Local Government accessible through a URL (website address). The public portal will be available to general public to view information/reports, submit complaints and/or suggestions and participate in the public forum discussion online. The public portal will allow public to submit complaints and/or suggestions in the context of local government pertaining to developmental schemes, schemes progress, expenditures etc. In addition to this, the portal will also provide direct link to the Citizen Portal and other complaint mechanisms of the government for generic complaints to be submitted if the user wishes. While the Citizen portal is more generic & rather challenging for normal users to navigate through various filters & layers to submit complaint, the TIC MIS Complaints & Suggestion module will be more specific and easier to use and will also enable Tehsil local govt. staff to have their own database of complaints & suggestions for in depth analysis and learning & for developing better understanding for future decision making.


4. Major Tasks and Coordination

The major processes in developing the web portal and MIS will include: 

      I.        Interview with LASOONA key personnel for project intro and queries by consultant. Also, if needed consultation with TMO and Tehsil Nazim.

  1. Regular coordination with the focal person and ensures the feedback of technical advisory team is incorporated.
  2. Web hosting and domain registration.
  3.  During six months after installation, there will be post operation review and technical support to resolve issues/ constraints after using the MIS and web-portal. 

5. The Responsibilities of Consultant/ Consultancy firm and Key deliverables:

  1. Finalization of proposal in the light of above-mentioned TORs.
  2. Presenting the TIC design to technical team and incorporate comments to finalize TIC web portal and MIS.
  3. Orientation of the LASOONA and TMO office staff on the functioning of TIC and MIS.
  4. Submission of final report as well as end products, i.e. web portal and MIS in operational and useable form.
  5. Training of Tehsil Nazim office staff on management of the website.

6. Submission of Technical proposal by Consultants/ Consultancy firms (content, process and deadlines):

Proposal of the assignment must contain the following details:

  • Explanation around how the web portal and MIS will be used as tools for transparency and accountability.
  • Work-plan: this should include details and time frame for activities of the assignment implementation from start to completion of the tasks.
  • Budget sheet with breakdown of budget.
  • Profile of the firm and human resource dedicated for this assignment along with their specified role if any
  • Letter of motivation explaining relevancy and suitability of the consultant for this assignment
  • Detail financial proposal explaining unit its number, unit cost, frequency and total cost in Pakistani currency inclusive of all taxes current and imposed during the contract period.
  • Contacts of two references with whom similar nature of work carried out in the past. And if possible, provide Links of public portals developed in the past for other organizations.

7.Travel details:

All travel, lodging expenditures/arrangements should be covered in the total cost of consultancy, the consultant/ consultancy firm will carry full responsibility for all those arrangements.


The selected consultant has to complete the assignment within 7 months after signing the contract the following are tentative timeframe.

                        Starting Date:                 July 1, 2019

Completion Date:           July 31, 2019  



Development of web-portal and MIS and presentation to LASOONA/ Tehsil Nazims/TMO for review and approval.

July 1-July 31, 2019

Training of Tehsil Nazim Office staff on web-portal and MIS.

August 01 to August 15, 2019

 First technical follow up for resolving operational issues.

Up to 30 August 2019

 Second technical follow up for resolving operational issues.

Up to 30 September 2019

 Third technical follow up for resolving operational issues.

Up to 30 October 2019

 Fourth technical follow up for resolving operational issues.

Up to 30 November 2019

 Fifth technical follow up for resolving operational issues.

Up to 30 December 2019

9. Special expertise required:

The consultant/ consultancy firm applying shall have demonstrated capacity and experience of developing web-based MIS solutions with government and development sector organizations. The development team of the interested firm will be required to have expertise in Object oriented PHP Framework, Mysql Database Management System, Responsive User Interface Design, Requirements Specification & Process flows development & refinement, project management, User trainings delivery, familiarity with accounts & financial controls, monitoring & evaluation of projects.

10.Contacts for further Inquiry:

For procurement rules inquiry contact Mr. Mohammad Salim Khan. Manager Operations 03449819811 [email protected]

For technical inquiry related to the assignment contact Mr. Fazal Rahim focal person for the project. 03448976054 [email protected]

11.Source of Funds (SOF)

European Union in partnership with Deutsche Welthungerhilfe (DWHH) has provided the financial support to LASOONA.

12.Payment schedule:

Payment will be made in three installments. All applicable taxes will be deducted at the time of each payment.

1st    installment 50% on designing/development of TIC web-portal and MIS and training of the concerned staff on the management of the MIS and web portal

2nd installment 30% after on submission of final reports.  

3rd installment 20% after five follow up monthly / need based visits for trouble shooting.  

Specimen of Quotation template

LASOONA: Society for Human and Natural Resource Development

(to be filled by Resource Person)  

Description of budget



# of unit


Unit cost

Total cost in PKR inclusive of all taxes






Validity period________________________________

Required days/period for completion of assignment _______________________

Name of applicant: _____________________________________

Signature of applicant: __________________________________

Date: _______________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________


Contact numbers: __________________________________________________

Email: __________________________________________________________

Company stamp: ___________________