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Project Description:

USAID’s Pakistan Agricultural Technology Transfer Activity (PATTA) is supporting supply side partners (SSPs) to integrate and mainstream systematic social and behavior change (SBC) programming, in order for the SSPs to advance their engagement with both demand side partners (DSPs) and local farmers. This SBC programming is aimed at enabling SSPs to overcome knowledge and practice barriers that subsequently hinder the productive use of agricultural technologies by local farmers. PATTA is accordingly providing SSPs technical assistance to develop and deliver tools and interventions, so that SSPs are able to effectively develop and deliver SBC programming, from planning to implementation to evaluation. These tools and interventions will specifically target:

  1. The knowledge and practice gaps specifically identified in PATTA’s Rapid Analysis on SBC Programming (2018); and
  1. The productive technologies and associated related best practices identified in PATTA’s Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) Report (2018).

The tools and interventions will collectively constitute PATTA’s Social and Behavior Change (SBC) Toolkit for SSPs, providing step-by-step, technology-specific support to SSPs to integrate SBC into their existing business development, sales and marketing engagements, e.g. demos, expos or trainings etc.

Objectives of the Technical Assistance:

The objective of the assignment is to creatively assist PATTA in developing and implementing SBC Toolkit to enable SSPs to more effectively and systematically develop and deliver relevant SBC programming so that they are able to improve the uptake of their agricultural technologies. The toolkit will provide a step-by-step approach to help SSPs integrate SBC into an existing business development, sales and marketing strategies or plans.

Assignment Scope:


Working under the direction of Behavior Change Officer in the BDMS unit, the STTA’s tasks will include but not be limited to:

  • Creative development of Standardized Templates for Category-Specific SBC Tools, e.g. templates for banners, social media posts, video storyboards, creative infomercials, field-based story captures, etc.
  • Creative backstopping of Rollout of Category-Specific SBC Tools (Pilot and/or Capacity Building)


The key deliverables of STTA are:

  1. Standardized Templates for Category-Specific SBC Tools
  2. Quarterly Rollout of Category-Specific SBC Tools

Estimated level of effort (LOE) for the assignment:

30 working days (approximately 6 months)

Timing of the Assignment:

The consultant (firm or individual) will commence working on this assignment on or about 15 July 2019 with completion by 15 January 2020.


The consultant (firm or individual) will need to demonstrably have the following expertise:

  • Relevant expertise and experience in creative development of communication tools for behavior change, including graphic design, illustration, video-graphics, infographics, social media app usage.
  • Experience of working in corporate sector particularly communications, including behavior relevant fields such as agricultural, health, technology etc.
  • Experience of undertaking capacity-building of organisations on creative practices.
  • High proficiency in content development in English and Urdu, and as applicable, local languages.