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Job Title

Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Accountability (MEAL) Manager

Duty Station/Work Location

Muzaffargarh and Multan

Reporting to

Project Coordinator, Manager Programs, Executive Coordinator

Project Name and Number

Community Based Inclusive Development Programme Pakistan 3448 MYP

1.    Purpose of the Position:

DOABA Foundation is a leading national NGO working in South Punjab, implementing projects both in development as well as in emergency response. Currently DOABA Foundation is implementing a three-years programme on Community Inclusive Development (CBID). The CBID Programme has five major components which includes Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction, strengthening inclusive community organisations, Inclusive Livelihoods, Quality and Accessible Health Services and improved accessibility of public/community shared spaces.

The main purpose of this position is to lead and ensure quality and accountability of CBID programme which aims in brining sustainable positive changes in lives of persons with disabilities.

The MEAL Manager will bring fresh and significant ideas to lead on MEAL system implementation, review and evaluation of CBID programme. The person in this role will also provide support in proposal and log-frame development, indicators for the ongoing project process, progress and completion, analysis of the different components and its impact on the communities and extracting different reports as and when required. Development of case studies and identifying successes of the interventions. The MEAL Manager will ensure that different components of the CBID Programme are implemented with high quality standards, effectiveness and appropriateness.

It will be important for the position holder to capture key lesson learnt and communicate this information in an accessible manner to all relevant persons within DOABA Foundation (DF) and partner for further improving the programme structure.

The MEAL Manager will use project participant data to assure quality of interventions. The MEAL Manager will lead on accountability and participation of programme participant with a special focus on person with disabilities. The position holder will ensure that programme has evidence based knowledge for future programming.

Specific focus should be paid to positive and negative impact that program interventions have in communities especially on person with disabilities.

Among other important aspects of this position is to make sure person with disabilities are engaged widely in assessment and monitoring process. The person should also work on making organisational existing complaint mechanism inclusive for persons with disabilities.

2.    Responsibilities and Tasks:

2.1    System Design and Promoting MEAL 

  • Lead on the development and review of the existing MEAL system, take effective measures to make it inclusive for all impairment groups
  • Promoting MEAL to support an organisational culture which prioritise quality programming
  • Build strong relation with the team and provide support to ensure staff understand MEAL system and support it.
  • Work closely with the programme team to ensure that MEAL becomes an integral element of projects implementation leading to enhanced quality, accountability, and impact

2.2    Internal Reporting

  • Ensuring that DOABA delivers on all internal M&E requirements related to CBID Programme in a timely fashion with high quality information including reporting on programme indicators and quarterly reporting
  • Identifies and introduces new elements (systems, tools, processes) required under the MEAL system.
  • Generate quality and accessible reports after field monitoring visits and sharing timely with all relevant persons in DOABA
  • Ensure critical finding and recommendations are shared with Programme Coordinator for timely actions 

2.3    Documenting learnings for strategies development and decision making

  • Ensure that data brought together and findings across different components of the CBID Programme to form coherent basis for analysis of impact which promotes learning and strategies development for future and current programming
  • Lead on monitoring and improving the synergy and integration of thematic programmes to enhance delivery of outstanding results for persons with disabilities and the communities they live in.
  • Communicate top level learning / analysis reports and monitoring components data to ensure that management is able to make informed decisions on a timely basis to scale up and face operational challenges

2.4    External Reporting and Representation

  • Ensure external accountability to donors through the implementation of quality MEAL activities leading to timely and accurate reporting
  • Ensure high quality analysis reports to illustrate CBID programme impact and assessment findings are produced, including evidence of good practice and replicable programme that are communicated at appropriate occasions.
  • Ensure that Doaba Foundation is represented at relevant inter-NGO and government level meetings at the field level (related to MEAL) to enhance best practices sharing and learning.
  • Contributing into all reports related to CBID program with regard to findings by MEAL
  • Contributing professionally to all proposals developed by the organisation by providing learning generated from the CBID program
  • Mainstreaming disability inclusion into all programs of DOABA
  • Ensuring child safeguarding as integral part of all organisational activities
  • Ensuring development of tools to ensure “Do no Harm” by the program in the communities.

2.5 Programme Design and MEAL Resources

  • Ensure that MEAL is an integral part of the programme components and in future programme designs
  • Ensure that field data analysis continuously inform further improvement of the programme
  • Different tools are developed to collect data from field and analyse it according to the requirements

2.6 Documentation and Reporting

  • Analysis of finding from the field and maintaining database of persons with disabilities
  • Documenting lessons learnt from the communities during implementation
  • Development of case studies / success stories and sharing with partner
  • Synthesis of the program impact on the lives of the project participants and share findings
  • Creating / generating different reports as and when required
  • Qualitative reporting and implementations models ensured.
  • Capture evidences of good practices in regular basis.

3.    Persons Specification:

3.1    Essential:

  • A minimum of seven years MEAL experience in development context preferably a proven experience in more than one sector like inclusive health, Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction, and social sector development
  • Highly developed interpersonal and communication skills including influencing, negotiation and coaching
  • Strong results orientation, with the ability to challenge existing mind-sets
  • General understanding of Disability and inclusion issues in monitoring context
  • Understanding of business sector, microfinancing, social protection schemes etc
  • Well versed in data analysis, software application like Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS), Access etc.

3.2    Desirable:

  • Understanding of disability inclusion in monitoring of multi sector complex programmes
  • Understanding of rights based approaches to programming, knowledge of SDGs and UNCRPD
  • Have past experience in working with person with disabilities or elderly people

3.3    Core Competencies;

  • Flexible, result oriented, logical, thorough and ability to influence through evidence
  • Have ability to develop tools and generate concrete recommendations
  • Good reporting and communication skills both verbal and written
  • Good analysis skills
  • Quality and quantity of work
  • Professional Knowledge
  • Attention to minute details and communications

4.    Education:

Must have a Master Degree from reputable recognised University in Economics, Rural Development, Development Studies, Project Management, Social Sciences or any other relevant subject.

5.    Accountability:

MEAL Manager will be accountable to partner communities, Organizations, its project staff, line department, donors, project team and all other stakeholders.

6.    Performance Standards:

  • Ensure that all responsibilities complete within deadline period; Monthly, Quarterly, Annually, Time line as per AOA (Agreement of Association with partner) and MEAL Framework/Plan.
  • Ensure all activities, quality standards as per PPM & LFA.
  • MEAL system review and input.
  • Ensure all activities documented and discuss with team members.
  • Monitoring reports prepared and shared with concern staff and senior management.
  • Conduct monthly feedback meetings with MEAL persons/officers and reporting.
  • Beneficiaries DATA collecting and record maintaining in beneficiaries tracking sheet.
  • Procedural compliances are met i.e. partners and governmental.
  • Numbers of field visits and debriefing.
  • Programs learnings collections and sharing.
  • Develop CDP for Staff and DPOs.
  • Promote participatory monitoring at community and DPOs level.   

7.    Key Relationships:

7.1 Internal

  • Report to Project Coordinator, Manager Programs and Executive Coordinator.
  • Most frequent contact inside the organization with senior lines, team members (Project Officer- Inclusive Livelihoods and Resilience, Community Development Officer, Training & Documentation Officer, Social Mobilizers, Finance Officer, Logistic & Admin Assistant and Support Staff.

7.2 External

  • Partner, Donors, INGOs
  • Local, District Government Departments and institutes
  • Other local NGOs, CSOs, DPOs
  • Media, Experts, Consultant, Academia