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Annual Program Statement (APS) for Grants

Mustaqbil – Youth Engagement to Mobilize Private Sector Investments in Agriculture Sector

APS No. PY/APS/006/2019

USAID’s Punjab Enabling Environment Project (PEEP) is a seven-year effort to support the private and public sector stakeholders in creating a business enabling environment for horticulture, livestock, and dairy sub-sectors in Punjab.

PEEP’s Mustaqbil program aims to identify youth led private sector entities for awarding matching grants to engage in inputs supply, processing, value addition, distribution, and service provision to agriculture sector in Punjab, specifically in horticulture, livestock, and dairy sub-sectors. PEEP will encourage participation of women-led agri-businesses in the grant program.

Detailed terms of reference for this APS can be retrieved by downloading the attachments.

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All applicants must submit their applications (along with mandatory documents) at [email protected] All correspondence and/or inquiries regarding this APS must be submitted (referencing the APS number) to [email protected]

PEEP will continue to accept grant applications through April 02, 2020 or until funds are no longer available. Qualifying applications will be processed on first come first served basis.

PEEP team will assist applicants in understanding the application submission process. All grants will be awarded and implemented in accordance with USAID and U.S. Government regulations governing grants under contracts and PEEP’s internal grant management policies.