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USAID Small and Medium Enterprise Activity (SMEA) is a five-year project that is supporting Pakistan in the small and medium enterprise (SME) led economic growth that will help create jobs, foster entrepreneurship, and contribute to an increased GDP. As a part of the United States Government’s long-term commitment to helping Pakistanis secure a more prosperous future by increasing household incomes and employment, nurturing competitive small and medium enterprises, expanding trade and investment and creating more rewarding business opportunities, SMEA is working towards improving the enabling environment for private sector-led growth. The project has three main components, i.e., Business Enabling Environment (BEE), Competitiveness Enhancement (CE), and Challenge Fund (CF).

USAID SMEA is procuring Survey-CTO services, an off-the-shelf software with cloud-based server utilities to collect, store and export data using mobile and desktop-based web interfaces. The Survey CTO, after necessary customization, would allow SMEA M&E and technical teams to document the details of beneficiary SMEs, record attendance of the training participants, collection of baseline and quarterly progress data directly in the soft-form and export it to SMEA M&E database, hence eliminating the need of paper-based forms that SMEA is currently using. The Survey CTO also provides provisions to gather means of verifications electronically through mobile/web-based platforms. The project will use this software to develop electronic data entry forms which would serve as registration as well as a reference database for the participation of partner SMEs in program activities and their baseline and quarterly progress data. Once an SME is selected to receive project support, the project staff would develop an SME profile together with the SME in the software. Later, once the staff attends a project assisted event or receive additional support the software would make the beneficiary/SME details available, thus discounting the need to record the basic information on every instance. Similarly, the Survey CTO would record baseline and progress data through linked forms with SME registration forms. Use of the survey-CTO would improve data collection and data handling for all SMEA performance indicators that require reporting on individual or SME level information. Furthermore, the software would save project considerable time and resources. It would reduce the chances of data entry and transcription errors, hence improving the overall quality and reliability of beneficiary data.

The survey-CTO platform, like any other off-the-shelf, software needs necessary customization before it is integrated with SMEA’s existing M&E database.


Job Description:

Under the given assignment, the expert will be responsible to perform following specific tasks under this consultancy which include;      Applications development for Android and Web-Based

  1.       Dissemination of Links and Installations
  2.       Data Collection on Server
  3.       Regular Follow up for progress
  4.       Basic analyses and analytics
  5.       Integration with Dev Results being used by Project team.
  6.       CSVs export from Server CTO
  7.       Integration of Dashboard with excel, VBA and project modules

 Duration of the Assignment:

 This STTA is planned for a total of 25 LOE days spread over 3 months (December 2019 to February 2020).


Job Qualification:

  •  A minimum bachelor’s degree in Economics, Business Studies, IT or any other related field.
  • At least one-year experience of working on database systems, Survey CTO, mobile data collection platforms, MS excel etc.


The following are the key activities and the required LOE. The timeline for the LOE assigned for each activity, as mentioned in the following table will be discussed and agreed with the consultant. 



Activity / Deliverable

LOE Required


Application Development

10 days


Customization of Survey CTO and integration with Dev Results being used by Project team

5 days


Follow-up Support on Quarterly and Integration of Dashboard with excel, vba and project modules


10 days



25 LOE Days