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Scope of Work


Research, Monitoring and Evaluation (RME) Technical Consultant


Senior Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Manager

Period of Performance

May 2020 – Aug 2021

Place of Assignment

Karachi with Field Travel

Estimated LOE (days)



The Naya Qadam (NQ) project has expressed the need for a research, monitoring and evaluation (RME) technical consultant who will be required to create high-level dashboards, develop project indicator performance tracker and triangulate service delivery data with overall program data to inform strategic planning and decision. He/she will also be required to support in planning, designing and implementation of various evaluation studies that will be carried out under the NQ project; supervise field data collection & data management activities; collaborate and communicate with core operation team such as district teams, program team and clinical quality manager for project monitoring, performance review and communicate results to the senior management.

Description of Assignment

The consultant’s responsibilities will include:

  • Implement robust performance management and review systems
  • Develop high-level dashboards and reporting mechanisms;
  • Support in designing, planning and implementation of evaluation studies



Conduct meetings with Pathfinder International team as well field visit to understand data collection, data management and data reporting system and understand overall scope of work

Consultant work plan and timeline

Perform complex analysis to identify project requirements, performance, priorities and recommendations to improve performance

Produce project performance tracker for regular review and identify gaps to inform strategic decision making. Provide weekly and monthly updates/reports on achievements against the set targets to the district team and program team

Compile and maintain databases to ensure program data are integrated with the overall project framework. Review project monitoring plans to identify, track, report and resolve the critical dependency issues

Produce high-level dashboards, productivity-analysis and reports to inform project performance and progress against initiatives and workplans to the senior management on regular basis for strategy planning and decision making.


The technical consultant should also develop/prepare high-level graphical presentations for various international/national forums, conferences and meetings

Review and implement robust data management systems for quality assurance

Prepare quality improvement program reports and maintain QA databases and produce QA dashboard

Planning, designing and execution of various evaluation studies that will be carried out under NQ project and coordinate with core operation team and program team to ensure smooth implementation of the proposed initiatives

Develop research, monitoring and evaluation instruments such as questionnaire, consent forms, monitoring checklists and data codebook. Develop and maintain research databases, produce clean datasets for statistical data analysis and prepare key results report for all evaluation studies.

Knowledge creation and management

Produce monthly data reports, develop SOPs for M&E and QA systems

Desired Qualifications

  • Masters in relevant field, previous work experience of undertaking similar RME technical work
  • Sound knowledge of research, monitoring and evaluation methods/tools.
  • At least 05 years of working experience in development sector/health sector, experience in FP and SRHR.
  • Strong data management, technical and analytical skills.