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Research & Development Forum for Safe Motherhood is an Islamabad based organization working for promoting and protecting the health rights of mothers, newborn and children.

The organization is seeking to procure the services of a Media Firm for the development of a Video Documentary under its project titled, ‘Family Planning to Achieve What Women Want’.


The primary objective of the documentary is to highlight the fact that when policy, programming and funding level decisions regarding family planning are made with the substantive input of women, these are more likely to make impact, be sustainable and lead to meaningful and enduring change.

In this context the documentary will particularly focus on:

  • Presenting the existing status vis a vis Family Planning in the country with a specific focus on the Sindh province;
  • Highlighting the need for women engagement in FP related decision-making at the district and provincial level; and
  • Documenting the measures that have been taken for elevating women voices and having these serve as catalysts for change.

For the purpose, the documentary will:

  • Focus on the Sindh specific picture, while containing a brief overview of the national landscape;
  • Cover the story from primarily two angels: women & girls from the community, and decision/policy makers at the district and provincial level; and
  • Capitalize on and showcase the work done earlier by the Forum in this area as well as that which is currently ongoing.


General masses with a special focus on policy makers and family planning experts

Scope of Work

Development of the Video Documentary will take place in the following three phases:


  • Development of script/story flow (in English)
  • Development of  storyboard/storylines (in English) for the shoot


  • 8-10 days of Video Shoot and Photography in some of the selected districts in Sindh.
  • Format of the Video will be High Definition
  • Lights, Sounds, Lenses and Value-Added Facilities like Drone, Track, Crane can also be used


  • Voiceover in English & Urdu. Propose 1 option each of Male and Female along with their voiceover samples
  • Background music will be used
  • Graphics, Sub-Titles and Translation Services will be required


  • Approved script & storyboard
  • Shoot Plan
  • Soft Copy of the first cut
  • Final 5-7 minutes Documentary in English & Urdu with subtitles along with its abridged versions in the two languages

Required Expertise & Experience

The Firm must have:

  • At least 08 years’ experience of working in the domain of mass media production, especially in the genre of Video Documentary Production;
  • Proven experience of designing and executing video documentaries on social issues,
  • Understanding and familiarity with issues of reproductive health & family planning;
  • Familiarity with overall diversity, cultural norms, preferences, traditions and dialects of Sindh;  
  • Mobility and willingness to accept assignments at short notice; and
  • Resources to develop high quality and visually appealing video documentary in English language.


September 21st – October 20th, 2020


Interested companies should provide Technical & Financial Proposals containing the following:


Technical Proposal:

  • Approach to be followed in designing and conducting the assignment (including key deliverables, clear timeline and tools)
  • Company Profile
  • CVs of lead and team member(s)
  • Three references (at least two of whom must be familiar with your work)
  • An example of a recent/relevant assignment

Financial Proposal:

  • Budgeting for pre and post production activities
  • Logistical and accommodation costs
  • Payment milestones in line with deliverables

(Please note that the organization reserves the right to make alternative suggestions on costing)