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Job Summary:

Finance Officer is responsible for managing project financial matters as per project contract and policies referred therein.


  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in finance/commerce. Preferably a Master’s degree in Finance/Accounting or professional qualification
  • At least 02-03 years of experience working with I/NGO’s
  • Strong accounting and financial knowledge with demonstrated ability to undertake all required functions of the role
  • Excellent computer skills (including Ms Office, accounting software)
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to work co-operatively and confidently with administrative, academic colleagues and other stakeholders
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a team and work effectively as part of multicultural and diverse teams

Responsibilities and Tasks:

  • Maintaining financial system and files ensuring compliance with all applicable standards as per project contract, policies and local laws
  • Liaise with other partners in the project regarding project financial matters
  • Prepare, maintain and submit various periodic financial reports, including budget monitoring reports to Project Coordinator and/or other designated person
  • Prepare monthly cash forecast for budget that could be utilized by the partner
  • Manage the operation of office petty cash, ensuring that adequate security procedures for cash handling are established and maintained, and oversee other staff charged with involvement in petty cash handling (if applicable)
  • Regularly track adjustment of advances and ensuring settlement as per the policy/standards
  • Plays effective role in the procurement process documentation as per standard
  • Review and submitted all invoices, ensuring they are checked against all services/goods received prior to payment and make sure payments are released after all requisite approvals 
  • Responsible for compliance with withholding tax law