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Admin cum Hostel Warden manages daily office and hostel operations, provide support to executives, and completes clerical tasks of all types. He works as admin officer daytime in office environment and 24 hours as warden. He reports to the Center Manager and Human Resource Department.

Education and Training

  • Must have bachelors degree in business administration 
  • To have previous work experience in an office environment


  • In addition to general office equipment and tools, admin officer must know how to work with offline and online software.
  • Microsoft (Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
  • Internet (Web Browsers, Email, Social Media Sites)

Duties and Responsibilities (Admin Officer)

  • Sort and file documents, sort and deliver in-office mail and memos, and review documents for errors before they are sent out of the office.
  • Write regular reports and give presentations of various types, including creating income and expenditure reports and donation lists.
  • Greet customers and clients who visit the office in person and receive incoming customer phone calls and emails.
  • Manage schedules for executives who work in the office. Admin officer also schedules meetings and events and make booking arrangements for conference and meeting rooms.
  • Maintain the employee database for the office by identifying staffing gaps and following up on new employees to ensure they are performing their duties well.
  • Travel is required for executives in the office, the admin officer must make the travel arrangements by purchasing tickets and coordinating schedules 
  • Hire and schedule maintenance workers as needed when problems arise in the office, such as equipment breaking down.

Duties and Responsibilities (Hostel Warden)

  • Serve as administrator, supervisor and community-builder on the respective halls and floors in the building.
  • Responsible for the health, hygiene and general welfare of the students residing in the halls of residence. 
  • Ability to listen to and establish a rapport with students’ liaison with administration and other relevant support departments to respond to incidents or emergencies and fulfil other responsibilities assigned i.e. ensuring adequate security, sanitation, and other essentials for the residents.
  • To ensure security of the students by coordinating with the security team and guards.
  • To supervise the smooth running of the facilities provided and to plan for upgradation and maintenance of these facilities in the halls of residence.
  • Periodically verify the furniture and fittings of the halls of residence with the assistance of the team operations and act for their repairs/replacement.
  • Ensure safe and healthy living and working environment for resident students.
  • Warden will be responsible for the assigned resident students and shall promptly take appropriate action within his/her power on all cases of misbehavior, indiscipline, and sickness of the residents in his/her charge and report to concerned authority.
  • Promote a collegiate environment, good order, and social harmony in the residence halls.
  • Enforce discipline and code of conduct in the residence halls as per policies.
  • Participate in and facilitate teamwork in which reliability and ability to manage time effectively will be the key.