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CARE is implementing a project titled “COVID-19 Emergency Response in Peshawar”. This is a 6.5 months’ project started from May 15, 2020, and will conclude on December 01, 2020, in accordance with the approved grant agreement. The project is funded by LDS Charity and through this project, CARE seeks to provide 26,800 at-risk individuals (4000 HH’s) in the target area with food and hygiene materials to cope with the COVID-19 emergency, while also raising awareness about proper hygiene through a radio campaign that will help reduce the risk of further spread of COVID-19.

CARE is implementing this project in close coordination with the district administration and through implementing partner Rural Empowerment & Institutional Development (REPID) a national level NGO.   


Specific objectives of the project:


1. Provide food packages to 4,000 vulnerable families (26,800 individuals), particularly daily wage workers and female-headed households in Peshawar, KP;

2. Provide hygiene kits to 4,000 households in Peshawar, KP;

3. Raise awareness about COVID-19 prevention measures through radio messages broadcast through Radio Pakistan.


Objective of the Evaluation:

The overall objective of this evaluation is to evaluate effectiveness of the project and to identify areas of improvement to incorporate in future similar projects,  final evaluation is planned as part of the project, the individual consultant/consultancy firm will propose an approach, detailed research design and methodology including but not limited to sample size; data collection and data analysis plan, as well as collect, analyze and manage data, record findings, identify key lessons learned, and provide program recommendations in a clear and concise report written in English. The evaluation will be based on the DAC principles: relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, and impact. In addition, the evaluation will focus on project management and verification of distributions, and awareness-raising.


1) Further details can be found in the attached TORs.

2) For any query, please contact [email protected]